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Meet Industry Standards

Meet Industry Standards

UL 508-A Certified for US - CE Compliance for Europe

Do You Plan On Exporting to Europe? Meet CE Standards.

You’ll likely need CE Certification. It's nothing new. It has been in place since 1996 and requires all electric and electronic components used in machinery or manufacturing meet CE standards.

If you plan to export your machinery to the European Union, Israel and Turkey and your product falls under one of the 24 European directives, then you need a CE mark affixed to your product just like a UL mark. Certification means you have assumed responsibility for your products complying with EU environmental, health, performance and safety standards.  

We’ll make it easy for you. Our strategic partner is an expert in CE compliance. Just give us a call or email us and we’ll get the process started.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Production floors and workshops often have a high concentration of electromagnetic disturbance.

EMC interference is difficult to determine and not easy to control. EMC disturbances cause controllers, programmable logic controllers (PLC’s), communication interfaces, and other devices critical to the manufacturing process to malfunction. And, the root cause is hard to identify because EMC can be transient or intermittent.

We can help address your EMC interference issues today!

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