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Safer Workplace

Safer Workplace

Improve your safety ratings

Safety Equals Productivity - Safeguarding Can Help

Minimize accidents and you maintain productivity, profitability, and reduce liability. Not to mention someone got hurt. At Integrated Automation Solutions we develop concepts for proper operation, emergency machine shutdown, and maintenance.

We Can Help You Make Your Production Line Safer!

The VR animation above shows safety guarding elements in practice. Click on the icon in the lower portion of the screen to see how:

  • Programmable Safety Controllers
  • Safety Relays
  • Light Curtains
  • E-Stops
  • Mats
  • Fencing and Guarding

are positioned to create the safest work environment possible.

Integrated Automation Solutions and Jokab Safety will also provide personal protective equipment, pictograms, special work instructions and operating instructions to supplement the safety systems.

Custom Safety Fencing by ABB Jokab Safety - Now Local

Our safety fencing systems are robust, durable, attractive and now stocked locally. Integrated Automation Solutions will work with you to design, quote, process and deliver a fencing system that protects your employees. 

Watch Video:

We'll use your CAD drawings or work with you to conceptualize the design. The revision process continues until you are completely satisfied with the design. ABB Jokab Safety offers two systems: Express (for fast install) and Standard. They are both designed to minimize waste and make assembly easy.  The systems include: 

  • Anodized aluminum profile posts with floor brackets
  • ABB Jokab Safety patented mounting hardware
  • U-profile and welded mesh or polycarbonate panels
  • Precisely cut aluminum extrusions
  • Rapid installation: the Express system features floor brackets fastened to fence posts prior to shipment

All the fencing hardware, large-format assembly drawings and all other safety components needed to assemble your system are neatly packed in crates to further ease installation. Units are securely shipped with a distinctive, tamper-evident wrap.

We’ve helped companies just like yours meet OSHA standards and improve safety ratings. We can work with you to create solutions to eliminate the majority of hazards on your shop floor.

Call 1-800-736-2345 and ask for Mark Chapman, or fill out our Contact Form.